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The award-winning PowerPoint templates from CrystalGraphics will give your presentations a professional, memorable appearance - the kind of sophisticated look that today's audiences expect. Boasting an incredible range of designs, our PowerPoint templates deliver dramatic colors, visually-stunning artistic effects and inspiring photos and videos. And, with your success in mind, every PowerPoint template is still subtle enough to keep the content of your presentation at center stage. Here are all the key details:

  • The PowerPlugs Templates for PowerPoint Collection includes over 32,000 professionally designed PowerPoint templates available for your immediate use 24/7/365!
  • Our free Template Finder™ PowerPoint plugin lets customers select and - with a single click - download and insert any of our templates into a presentation right from within PowerPoint!
  • To support your audiences' need for visual aids, each template includes your choice of either a beautiful video or image in the background as well as designer graphics in the foreground.
  • All our templates support the 9 Microsoft standard layouts. Most of them actually include 18 layouts including both onscreen and print versions.
  • All templates automatically adapt within PowerPoint to both standard and widescreen format screens. For your convenience, the website lets you preview the templates each way.
  • Each template's default text formatting is carefully positioned and colored to complement the background graphics, and enhanced with intelligent font styles for optimal readability.
  • All templates can be purchased individually for a very affordable price. PowerPlugs: Templates for PowerPoint is also available as an annual subscription for maximum convenience.

  • System Requirements
    Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides
    Windows or Mac OS
  • Security
    In order to protect your investment in a PowerPlugs: Templates for PowerPoint Annual Subscription, we have implemented the following security precautions: Access to your PowerPlugs: Templates Subscription is protected by your email address and a unique password that we will email to you. Subscribers can download up to 25 templates per 24 hour day (but if you need to download more, just let us know - no extra charge) Subscribers can download templates from up to 3 unique PCs with cookies enabled for security verification.
  • FAQs
    Please review these FAQs to see if your question is answered on this page. If your question is not addressed here, please contact our Sales department.
  1. Yes, you can change the colors of the fonts and charts and diagrams and any artwork you add. You can also change the colors of the artwork and backgrounds we include in the templates. To get editing access to that artwork and backgrounds, you'll want to use the View>Slide Master tool in PowerPoint.
  2. Yes, some PowerPlugs: Templates are animated. And some have video backgrounds. We refer to templates that contain either video backgrounds or animation as "moving" templates. The templates search tool allows you to choose whether you want to include either static or moving templates, or both, in your search results.
  3. The PowerPlugs: Templates for PowerPoint Subscription offering includes over 30,000 unique PowerPoint templates available for download on the CrystalGraphics.com website. For security reasons, we have had to impose the following restrictions: You can download up to 25 templates per day to up to 3 computers that you personally use. If for some reason that is not enough for a special situation, please let us know in advance of your need and we'll try to accommodate you.
  4. The PowerPlugs: Templates for PowerPoint are not available on a CD. They are available as a download-only. You will receive a sign-in name and password within 5 minutes of placing your order. You can then go to the PowerPlugs: Templates for PowerPoint home page and start downloading!
  5. Yes. Microsoft does a pretty good job of making the POT and POTX file formats (which our templates use) compatible for both PCs and Macs. But, just to make sure the templates work for you, it is always a good idea to download a free watermarked trial version of your selected template(s) to your own computer to see how well it works.
  6. Yes. If you choose not to renew your subscription you do not lose the right or ability to use your PowerPlugs: Templates for PowerPoint. You just will not be able to download any new templates.

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