PowerPoint Template Displaying Video Showing Animated Stars on First Slide and Non-Video Background with Stars on Following Slides
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Are you a presenter looking to create and maintain a professional appearance while presenting to your audience? Well, you've come to the right place! CrystalGraphics is the proud title holder of Presentations magazines "Standing Ovation Award" for the world's best collection of PowerPoint templates. And with over 32,000 PowerPoint templates to choose from, we've got what you need to make your good presentations look their best. We have a choice of formats. So whether you want widescreen or standard layout templates, we've got both. And we have templates with both static backgrounds and animated or video backgrounds. And they are very easy to use. Just download the ones you want, load them into PowerPoint and start typing. That's all there is to it!

It is also easy to buy our templates. Just want 1 great template for a low price? We've got you covered! Just look around and pick the perfect one for today's needs. Want more? We've got affordable subscriptions for everything from 1 year to even 2 or 3 years. The longer your commitment term the more affordable they get. With our template subscriptions, you can download as many templates as you want whenever you want them. And we even offer a low priced Template Suite that includes your choice of template subscriptions as well as volumes of charts, diagrams, animated 3D characters and 3D transition effects to add life to your presentations. Still not enough? Try the PowerPlugs: Ultimate Combo. It's got templates and, well, everything you need to delight your audiences.

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Standard Layout
PPT Template - he words Get Help Here symbolizing the need to offer support and answers to customers asking questi - Title Slide Title Slide
PPT Template - services, business, marketing - Text Slide Text Slide

Printable Layout (also included)
PowerPoint Template - he words Get Help Here symbolizing the need to offer support and answers to customers asking questi - Title Slide Title Slide
PowerPoint Template - services, business, marketing - Print Slide Text Slide

How we Create our Award-Winning PowerPlugs: Templates for PowerPoint:

Each of our templates starts with any one of a variety of PowerPlugs layouts to help you make your key points. Those layouts specify the fonts, colors, size and placement of your text and more. And of course you can still modify those layouts in PowerPoint. But they will usually do exactly what you need or, at the very least, they'll get you started right.

Then to polish off each template, we embed a professional quality background that we've edited to support your presentation's main theme. For the title slides, we usually show the background in all its glory to make a positive first impression as your audiences enter the room. Then, for the later text slides, we include an edited version of the background our team of designers has enhanced with frames and other such artistic elements. We also crop the background or wash it out or shrink it to carry the theme forward throughout the presentation without distracting from your key points in your slides.

Most of the time we also include a special printer-friendly version of your selected templates, in addition to the on-screen version, for no extra charge. And, we save both the on-screen and printer-friendly versions of the templates out as either POT or POTX for maximum compatibility with all your PowerPoint presentations.

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