PowerPlugs: Ultimate Combo for PowerPoint

All our best presentation graphics content and tools together for one "suite" price.

Make your presentations stand out with the PowerPlugs Ultimate Combo 2024 for PowerPoint. It brings our 4 most popular presentation-enhancement products together as one very affordable, well-integrated and award-winning product suite. It will take the visual quality of your presentations to the next level which your audiences will appreciate while making you more effective and relaxed as a result. And we think you’ll also like the newly discounted price and the 30-day money-back guarantee!

It includes:

  • Templates - Annual Subscription

    Includes a virtually unlimited number of PowerPlugs-brand PowerPoint templates plus up to 50 Crystal-brand PowerPoint templates - with over 6 million to choose from - downloadable any time during the year. Also includes the easy-to-use PowerPlugs Template Finder addin.

  • Chart and Diagram Slides for PowerPoint

    Includes 2,000 visually-stunning charts and diagrams of all types and styles that will make your key concepts and data more understandable. It also includes the handy and easy-to-use PowerPlugs: Diagrams Finder addin to help you find the perfect diagram each time.

  • PowerPlugs QuizMaster

    Get your audiences involved with PowerPlugs: QuizMaster! It makes it easy to add audience-oriented multiple-choice question and answer slides into your PowerPoint presentations. The included QuizMaster add-in even tallies up and displays the audience’s score!

  • 3D Character Slides for PowerPoint

    Includes 75 animated and editable 3D character slides that will make your presentations more fun and memorable. It also includes the easy-to-use PowerPlugs: 3D Character Slides addin to help you select the perfect animated character slides for each presentation.

And here's how you access the product suite from within PowerPoint:

powerpoint 2019 products

System Requirements: Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 to Microsoft/Office 365 (Windows desktop version)

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