PowerPlugs: Ultimate Combo for PowerPoint

All our best presentation graphics content and tools together for one "suite" price.

Make your presentations stand out with the PowerPlugs Ultimate Combo for PowerPoint. It is the most highly acclaimed and affordable multimedia enhancement suite for PowerPoint on the market today. It brings all our most popular PowerPoint presentation-enhancement products together in one very affordable suite. As you can see below, it includes 21 full volumes of presentation-enhancing multimedia content and effects, plus 2 valuable annual subscriptions and 3 useful PowerPoint addins. And they all work together right inside of the latest versions of PowerPoint and Windows. And all software updates are free!

  • PowerPlugs Templates PLUS - Annual Subscription

    Includes a virtually unlimited number of PowerPlugs-brand PowerPoint templates plus up to 50 Crystal-brand PowerPoint templates - with millions to select from - downloadable any time during the year. Also includes the easy-to-use PowerPlugs Template Finder addin.

  • Chart and Diagram Slides for PowerPoint

    Includes 2,000 visually-stunning charts and diagrams (including 100s of new ones) that will make your key data stand out. Also includes the handy and easy-to-use PowerPlugs: Diagrams Finder addin.

This award-winning product suite will take your presentations to the next level. It will make you feel more confident and look more professional. And it’ll make your presentations more effective at capturing the attention of, impressing and influencing your targeted audiences. In fact, we make an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee that you'll be impressed with how good your presentations will look and how enthusiastically your audiences will respond with the help of the NEW PowerPlugs Ultimate Combo 2020. We also think you’ll like the highly discounted price!

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